About Us

Dharamitra is a Public Charitable Trust: F-1034
Registered society : Mah/561/87
FCRA No. : 084000027

Who We are

Predominantly an Eco-Technology Resource Centre, Dharamitra is a non-governmental voluntary organisation (NGO) founded by a group of scientists and social activists. It is devoted to the cause of sustainable rural development through application of appropriate science and technology alternatives.

Our Goal

 Sustainable development of rural people by application of eco-friendly technologies through judicious use of natural resource.

Our Objectives

1. Identifying problems

Identifying problems faced by rural people and seeking solutions through science and technology interventions

2. Generating eco-friendly technologies

Generating eco-friendly technologies to use various types of waste biomass available in the villages and convert it into value added products

3. Developing technological alternatives

Developing technological alternatives for reducing drudgery, increasing working efficiency, enhancing farm productivity, creating new livelihoods and improving quality of life

4. Disseminating optimised technologies

Disseminating optimised technologies and solutions to rural masses through grass root level NGOs

5. Aiming transformation

Aiming at ecological, social and economic transformation of rural areas through conservation and judicious use of natural resources.

6. Increasing livelihood

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7. Identifying and creating repository

Identifying and creating repository of indigenous knowledge and sound traditional practices.

The operational area

Central India encompassing regions like Vidarbha in Maharashtra state and adjoining districts of the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh.


Assets of Dharamitra

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