Training & Evaluation

Govt. of Maharashtra recognized Dharamitra as a ‘Mother NGO in Watershed Management’ by entrusting it a responsibility of training the staff of participatory watershed agencies and evaluation of the programmes being implemented by them. Dharamitra was assigned such task for three districts in Maharashtra, namely Akola, Amravati and Washim. Dharamitra’s technical intervention was aimed at improving quality of watershed programme being implemented in these districts. Under this responsibility, Dharamitra conducted large number of training courses in the last 20 years under ‘Hariyali’ watershed development programme of the government and evaluated quite a number of watershed development projects in Vidarbha region. Presently, Dharamitra is a participating as a training agency in the ‘Jalyukt Shiwar’ scheme of Govt of Maharashtra under which training programmes are organized for government officials and village stake holders, who are going to be the beneficiaries of the scheme.

Dharamitra has also been well recognized as a ‘Resource Agency in ‘Sustainable Agriculture’ and ‘Nutritional Gardening’ under which various training courses are arranged for the benefit of voluntary agencies, farmers and rural women.

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